Do you charge sales tax?
Sales tax only applies to California residents. 

Where are your garments made? 
Our garments are manufactured at our facilities in Rancho Dominguez, California. We have our own Knitting, Cut & Sew, Printing & Packing operation.

Where does your cotton come from? 
We exclusively use certified organic cotton from domestic and imported sources. 

What kind of dyes do you use? 
Our dying process is one of the most efficient in the world and is BlueSign compliant. We use on average 40% less chemicals, 40% less water, 50% less electricity, and 30% less natural gas. Our dyes do not contain heavy metals and are formulated using components that contain minimal contaminants and are readily treated for safe and proper disposal.

What is the best method for washing the garments? 
Our recommended washing instruction is cold-wash, tumble-dry low. The advantage of washing cold is prolonged garment life and reduced energy consumption.

How much will the garments shrink? 
The garments generally shrink about 5% in length & 5% in width. It could be few % higher with increased washing/drying temperatures.

I am sensitive to …… are your products safe for me to use? 
We don’t know. This is NOT a medical product. For it to be safe, it has to be tested for that sensitivity.

Are your products Fair-trade certified? 
We are proud to produce every bgreen item at America's first Fair Trade factory (our own factory). 

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