Delivering organic face masks to US Postal office in Compton, California

During this pandemic many have stepped up and performed heroically. They are the doctors, nurses, first responders, police, firemen, grocery clerks, truck drivers, …. the list goes on and on


Recently we had the opportunity to honor one group, the men & women of US Postal Service. We delivered 120 care packages, over 700 organic face masks, in adult and kids sizes, to every employee at our local post office station in Compton, California


US Postal service was established in 1792 with the passage of Postal Service Act

 It serves all Americans, regardless of their geographical location, at uniform quality and price, while costing the taxpayers ZERO Dollars. USPS has over 600,000 career and non-career employees. They always show up, snow, rain or shine, and deserve our recognition and gratitude. 

This fact was highlighted during the stay-at-home order in March April of this year. Our street that is usually bustling with cars and trucks, was completely deserted. The silence was deafening, so mush so that for the first time in 25 years one could hear the birds chirping on the trees.

During this time, Barbara our amazing mail carrier, came by every day. Some days the mail consisted of a single flyer but she would show up anyway knowing someone is there alone in this giant warehouse looking forward to seeing her.

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